Who to call.
Have a question or Comment about BEVRA? These are the Board of Directors.

Jonathan Butler President
Call after 7p.m. if before leave a message and I will get back to you.

  Coral, MI
  PHONE: 231-629-1641
  EMAIL: polariswintergreen@yahoo.com

Stephanie Butler Secretary
  Coral, MI

John Butler Treasurer

Sid McNees Mod Class Director
  Casinovia, MI
  PHONE: 616-675-7310

Brent Doane Tech Official

Jeremy Camp Tech Official
  Marne, MI

Scott Taylor Tech Official
  Lakeview, MI
  CELL: 231-578-7817

Biff Harris Trustee
  Lakview, MI
  CELL: 818-287-1332

Greg McKenna Trustee and Lake Track Preparer
  Lakeview, MI
  CELL: 989-818-0820

Mark Pitcher Trustee and Land Track Preparer
  Lakeview, MI
  CELL: 989-818-0912

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